Igor Cornelsen: Five Decades Of Excellent Investment Advice For Clients

Igor Cornelsen is one of Brazil’s top investment advisors. The Curitiba, Brazil native has been involved in the financial services industry ever since he graduated from the Federal University of Parana in 1970 with a degree in economics and was hired by the investment bank Multibanco. By 1974, Cornelsen was on the bank’s board of directors and in 1976 he became CEO of Multibanco. When Bank of America acquired Multibanco in 1978, Cornelsen left and took a position with Unibanco, one of Brazil’s top investment banks. He remained there until 1985, when he left to join the London merchant bank Libra Bank PLC.

After a very successful career with Libra Bank PLC, Igor Cornelsen moved on to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank where he spent 7 very productive years as a board member and Brazilian representative. After providing investment services for banks for 25 years, in 1995, Cornelsen left the banking industry and started an investment firm. He took with him a reputation for providing sage investment advice. Since striking out on his own, Igor Cornelsen’s track record has been extraordinary. He has consistently helped his clients to avoid pitfalls and red tape and get good returns on their investments.

In Brazil people are amazed by Igor Cornelsen’s consistent level of success. Cornelsen explains that one reason his clients do well is because the investment advice he gives them is based on fact and not the opinions of so-called ‘experts’, professors and other analysts. He gathers information from unbiased sources like Reuters and studies the social, political and economic situation in the countries where companies are located before making investment recommendations to his clients. Early in the morning, while other investment advisors are asleep, Igor Cornelsen is hard at work.

Another reason Cornelsen has been successful is his ability to identify and invest in undervalued assets long before other investment advisors are aware they exist. He also has a set of investment guidelines to which he adheres that have served him well for decades. They includes investing for the long-term, getting rid of losing stock immediately and diversifying one’s stock portfolio.